Laser-Vaser Liposuction Antalya, Turkey


Liposuction is a surgical method mostly used in cases where the body releases itself due to rapid weight gain and weight loss.

These operations are performed intensively in areas such as the neck and jowl. The aim is to eliminate the lubrication in the determined area.

Laser-Vaser Liposuction Istanbul, Turkey

What is Liposuction (Belly Fat removal)?

Liposuction is a surgical intervention aimed at the extraction of surplus adipose tissue from the human body. In this particular operation, a slender cannula or tube is employed to extract adipocytes or fat cells from the organism. Liposuction is a prevalent surgical intervention within the realm of cosmetic procedures, employed to rectify or enhance the overall contour of the human physique.

Liposuction can be performed on the following types:
1. Standard Liposuction: The prevailing variant, this technique is frequently employed to eliminate surplus adipose tissue from various anatomical sites.
2. Vaser liposuction: Incorporates sound wave technology to facilitate the effortless removal of adipose tissue.
3. Liposuction Assisted by Lasers: This technique utilises laser energy to dissolve adipose cells, facilitating their removal.
4. Liposuction Assisted by Ultrasound: This technique uses ultrasound pulses to facilitate the melting and removal of fat.
5. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL): By utilising a mechanical device, fat can be eliminated more efficiently.
Each type of liposuction uses different methods or technologies, but their main purpose is to remove excess fat from the body. The healing process and risks after the procedure may vary depending on the liposuction method applied. People who are considering liposuction Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey, can contact us to determine the most suitable one for them among the different types of liposuction.